Streets of Rage (Bare Knuckle) tribute

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Streets Of Rage Tribute Page

This game tribute is a project developed for the UPC School’s Design and Creation of Videogames master 2016-2017. It has been developed with C++ and SDL under Visual Studio 2015.

It features one of my favourite levels of the original Streets of Rage, Moonbeach, and while it misses the enemy variety, it has the enemy and item placement spot on.


Download latest release here

Download source code here

License: GNU GPL version 2
Author: Jorge Soriano Pinedo // eikur

Gameplay video:

If the video doesn’t work, try here

Executing the game

Extract all the zip contents and simply double click in the ‘SoR Tribute.exe’ file. The rest is just playing!
Known issues: The release has been compiled in Visual Studio 2015 under Windows 10, and it does not work in computers with Windows 7 without Visual Studio packages installed.

Game Goal

The game’s objective is to make your way through swarms of enemies defeating them. In the end you will find the boss of the zone, which is consistently stronger and more difficult.If you can make it to the boss and you defeated you win, and if you can’t (and lose all of your lives in the process) it’s game over.


Player Controls

The player actions have been maped following the original Genesis gamepad, which had the crosshair for movement, Start button for pause and 3 action buttons.
The mapping is the following:

Special cases:

Special addition!

If you have a Xbox 360 controller connected to your PC, the game will recognize it on startup and will let you play with it. This will disable the keyboard controls.

Debug Controls

The debug features used during development are kept in the release, and while they are not necessary to complete the game, they are pretty fun to play with. Just a word of advice: Using the debug mode can break and ruin the experience for you, so please don’t do so at least in your first playthrough.
You have been warned :)

F1: Debug Colliders (COLS)

It will show the colliders set in the scene, player, enemies and items. Pressing it again will hide them.

F2: Activate the Spawn functionality (SPWN)

You can either spawn enemies or items to test them

F3: Activate the Player buffs (PLYR)

You can apply buffs / damage to your character

F4: Activate the player coordinates (POS)

You can see the player coordinates while you play. It has no effect on the gameplay, but then again, it was super useful to debug it during development.


This projects needed a good JSON parser, and my election was the work of Krzysztof Gabis, parson. It worked like a charm, almost plug and play, and this release would not have been possible without it. You can find it here
Many thanks to the Streets of Rage online fanbase, for all the visual and audio assets I could find in almost no time.
Last but not least, thanks to my teachers for the support, my girlfriend for the countless hours she has been patient, and the countless testers that offered their services just to help. I owe you all a beer.

Edited: Many thanks again to everybody listed here. The feedback I got helped me craft a more robust and overall better 2nd release fixing some hot points. :)

I hope you enjoyed playing this game as much as I enjoyed creating it.